What We Do

  • Supporting players from the age of 10 up through our mentoring programme.  No obligations and free advice

  • Providing personalised and highly specialised advice and support from former British No.1 Sarah Borwell

  • Advising on how many GCSCs and other qualifications are required to stay on track for college tennis

  • Supporting you through the college application process

  • Access to 800 Division 1, Division 2, JUCO and NAIA coaches

  • Extensive knowledge base of suitable colleges and coaches

  • Finding the right college for you as a person and a tennis player

  • Individual assessment days with constructive advice on your tennis and readiness for college

  • Monitoring of your tennis and liaising with coaches, governing bodies while you are at college

  • Positive media involvement

  • Managing the transition from college athlete to professional tennis player

  • Managing the transition from college athlete to the working world

"I feel very thankful for all your help and feel very confident your knowledge and experience both in college and on the Tour will help place my daughter in the most suitable college set up. Your desire to help place my daughter in the best environment is second to none."

– Parent of a current College player

"First of all I would like to thank you for helping me in to college. There is still a lot I can improve on, but I am excited to work hard and show what I can do. It wouldn’t have been possible without your help."

– British Tennis Player

"On a side note, it's great to have a resource like you... thanks for always keeping me abreast of the new players, and helping with the ones I'm already in contact with. The British girls would be lost without you! As a coach, I really value your on and off court player assessments. They seem to be spot on! The US college system is so foreign to most of the players over there, and there is so much variety in their choice for colleges, that having a person like you, who both understands the system, and has direct contact/experience with it, is a tremendous help."

– Head Coach

"Thank you for everything. Without your support and push in the right direction I would be lost. I have just had the best 6 months of my life and have improved massively in such a short time."

– British Tennis Player

"I have never come across someone who responds so quickly and who is so informative. You are a credit to British tennis and because of you, we are on the correct developmental pathway towards the Tour."

– Parent

"Wow. You are quite remarkable. Willing to help everyone and offer the best possible future for British players. With your insight and experience there are no others like you."

– Times Journalist