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103 Brits placed in 2015

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103 Tennis Smart British tennis players placed into an American university in 2015, making us the leading placement firm in the world for British tennis.

Our Mission in 2005- Stop the 50% drop out rate in Junior tennis players and make sure all parents, players, coaches feel part of a support system.

How- By offering an attainable, affordable goal for all and offer a very clear, honest opinion of what is possible.

With 103 we are certainly making progress. Check out the video and see which of your friends are off to America and where they are heading.

SAT/ACT Tutoring

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If you are in need of some guidance when studying for the ACT/SAT entrance exams we are soon to be offering a very affordable service. Please follow the link if you are in need of help for the October 2015 ACT/SAT exams.


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What an incredible day. The first ever showcase in the UK with 24 Tennis Smart players and 20 coaches attending. Thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the British recruits and seeing how amazing they were in front of all the college coaches. Looking forward to hosting another showcase next year for more players.









Fall 2016 girls attending showcase

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For coaches looking for hardworking student-athletes for FALL 2016 we have a great opportunity to watch British tennis players live 24th June 2015.= at the National tennis centre.


Showcase factsheet for NCAA coaches

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For all coaches attending the Tennis Smart showcase 24th June at the National Tennis Centre please find the factsheet below. I will be sending out 24 video and bio’s of the players attending on May 10th.