British University Application

When you work with us at Tennis Smart, we look forward to helping you find the best university route for you. This may mean applying not only to US universities, but also to UK ones. And we also know that facing the paperwork for your applications can be really daunting – including (maybe especially!) the Common Application essay and your UCAS Personal Statement.

Could one of these be you?
  • You’ve got loads of ideas, but just can’t get them down on the page the way you want to.
  • You would be OK with the writing, if you could just get the right idea to start you off.
  • You’re worried that your personal statement won’t stand out enough and showcase the real you.
  • You can’t get past the blank page to make your common application essay come alive.
  • You’ve got it all down on the page, but you’re struggling to fit it into the word count.
  • Spelling and grammar aren’t your forte and you need some help perfecting your essays.
Because Tennis Smart has heard from so many clients that these are real problems, we decided to do something about it. So we’ve teamed up with Sally Anderson from Elimo Editing to provide you with a service to help you to produce the best possible written pieces for whatever university applications you are completing.

Elimo Editing

Elimo Editing
  • In addition to years of editing and proofreading experience, Sally has done plenty of university applications and studying herself, with a Doctorate in Education and most recently, a Masters in Performance Psychology. With two sporting children now at university, she’s also got personal experience with the ins and outs of both the US and the UK university application systems.

Sally Anderson

Sally Anderson

Through discussion, review of your written pieces, suggestions for improvement, and careful editing and proofreading, now your university application can be the best we can possibly make it. Let the essay-writing commence!

Depending on which Division you are aiming for and whether British university is a path you also want to maintain, this initiative will automatically be added.