Where are they now? – Scotland

Since 2005 it has been a pleasure helping British juniors along their developmental pathway. Due to NCAA rules we are unable to show the Tennis Smart players who are currently in college but we can catch up with those who have graduated and gone on to bigger and better things.


Pro Tour

Degree & Masters

Director of Own Company

College Coaches

Name: Katie Gater

University: Rice university

Where are they now?: History degree minor in Business. Marketing assistant at Houston Dynamo. Currently Management consultant at Accenture.

Name: Joanna Henderson

University: University of Tennessee

Where are they now?: Supply Chain with HR degree. HR in Grad school. Work at Pilot Flying J as a Learning and Development Specialist.

Name: Emma Devine

University: Oklahoma University

Where are they now?: BA In Human Relations. Currently a Sport Development Intern

Name: Morven McCulloch

University: University of Iowa

Where are they now?: Health & Human Physiology. Assistant coach at Amherst College. Work for Hawk-Eye Innovations as a Systems Operator for various sports (Tennis being one of them) following the WTA/ATP Tour.

Name: Cameron Bowie

University: University of Oxford

Where are they now?: Maths & Statistics

Name: Alicia Robinson

University: University of South Florida

Where are they now?: Masters from Indiana University. Pro Tour.

Name: Euan McIntosh

University: Fresno State University

Where are they now?: Communications degree. Women’s volunteer assistant coach at the University of Tennessee while working at Rolling Hills Country Club in Connecticut. My aspirations are to be a college coach, I loved everything about my experience as a player and have enjoyed my brief time as a coach even more

Name: Maxim Renke

University: Emory university

Where are they now?: Final year of Finance & Economics degree

Name: Robert Docherty

University: University of Stirling

Where are they now?: Business Studies First class honors degree. I’m training to be a Paraplanner with the aim to become a chartered financial planner

Name: Andy Quirk

University: University of South Carolina Aiken

Where are they now?: History Degree. MA in International relations at University of Kentucky. Working for Fundamental Analytics a Financial consulting firm in Lexington.

Name: Meghan Montgomerie

University: Northern illinois

Where are they now?: -

Name: Amber Patterson

University: Loughborough University

Where are they now?: English degree

Name: Scott Morrison

University: University of Stirling

Where are they now?: Business & Management degree. Internship with St.Johnstone football club & am currently working part time as a Pravha Beer influencer for TRO & MolsonCoors