Tennis Smart Showcase

The showcase will consist of a combination of practice and match play for British Junior players to demonstrate their skills and talent in front of college coaches. The coaches will receive an information packet of each player and a place to host meetings with those players. Forming a good relationship with a coach is important to gaining a great offer, so come and meet the coaches in person.

Who can participate in the showcase?

British Junior boys and girls who are looking for NCAA DI/DII teams. We recommend players rated 2.1 +, all LTA ranked Brits and players with ITF rankings outside the Top 100.

Why is it beneficial?
With the rating system changing and college coaches having limited understanding of the British system, it can be hard to place British tennis players. Many coaches trust the assessment of Tennis Smart but we know we need to give more help to more players. In order for a coach to look further than your rating/ranking it is very important for them to see you play, preferably on hard courts. If you can’t compete in ITF tournaments or perhaps haven't reached your potential due to injury, full time school or other factors we highly recommend every 2018 player take part in this showcase. It’s also a great way for Tennis Smart to assess you, see how you cope with the stresses of the day & find out exactly what you are looking for in your college placement.

When will this event take place?
Due to high demand we will now host the showcase on 2 days, accommodating 48 players. They will take place during the Grade 1 ITF at Roehampton. The showcase will be in London at the National Tennis centre. Contact Tennis Smart for the dates.

Is there a deadline?
Once we have reached the maximum number of players for each session, registration will be closed. 2018 Tennis Smart players only.

What is the cost to participate?
The cost is free for all Tennis Smart players