Tour Players

Over the past 11 years, Tennis Smart has seen the number of British juniors receiving American university scholarships grow each year. That increase has attributed to a higher level of play at American universities as well. Tennis Smart is thrilled to see that 2017 has the highest number of top 150 ITF British juniors starting their university careers.

Tennis Smart is pleased to announce a new program, starting in June 2017, for players capable of transitioning onto the Pro Tour. Tennis Smart is committed to helping its players every step of the way and this program is designed exclusively for a successful transition onto the ITF Tour.

Tennis Smart looks forward to keeping you updated on the transition of these new graduates—in both their development as well as their rise in the Pro rankings.

Thank you to Soto Tennis, Living Tennis and Team FT for providing:
Tournament travel teams
Training bases
Fitness camps

Disclaimer: This program is separate from Tennis Smart’s recruiting service. Tennis Smart does not guarantee future representation for college athletes.